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Chiyo Robertson, BBC World News TV – Small Talk

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

In the latest installment of our Shout! Communications Small Talks, on Thursday 7th December 2017 we were delighted to host Chiyo Robertson, Editor of BBC World News TV Business Programming.

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Big Talk November 2017: ITV News, Good Morning Britain and the One Show

by Keren Haynes, Co-Director

Three fantastic speakers from broadcast news, great insights and a room full of PR and communications professionals – another great Shout! Big Talk.

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Video Production: On the road – surviving a 3 day (with no sleep) shoot
Loads of spare batteries, sleeping bags, sea sickness tablets, torches, wipes and snack bars….just some of the extras our production team needed for...
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How to get more broadcast PR airtime this Summer
Kids or no kids – it doesn’t matter on which side of the divide you stand, if you work in Public Relations then you should be interested in school...
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A Good Case For B-roll
B-roll is sometimes dismissed as expensive and of little value – but use it wisely and the return on investment can be massive. Shout! has recently...
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Eddie Izzard
Broadcast PR- Nine Celebrities That UK Media Loves
Without doubt the UK media loves a bit of celebrity sparkle and having a big name tied to a broadcast PR campaign WILL result in more coverage. Whe...
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Radio day
The no fail guide to planning a radio day

Essential advice from broadcast experts – read to make sure your next radio day goes without a hitch

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Video camera outside
Video production trends to keep you on the cutting edge

See examples of the latest video production trends and find out how you can use them in your next video.

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broadcast PR coverage
Expert advice – top tips from ex-journalists on securing broadcast PR coverage

Need help securing broadcast PR coverage? Get tips and advice from ex-journalists.

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Broadcast PR coverage
Three first time broadcast PR mistakes to avoid

Avoid these common broadcast PR mistakes to ensure you maintain the integrity and reputation of your brand.

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hand on keyboard
Tips for creating a survey to secure broadcast PR coverage

Surveys are a great way to get your PR story covered – but to get maximum broadcast PR coverage, ensure you’re asking the right questions.

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media relations tips
The icing on the media relations cake – the trick that will help you secure the best broadcast PR coverage

The best media relations tip for securing coverage for your next PR story? Give broadcast journos everything they might need on a plate.

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media training
Thinking like a journalist: Media relations tips to maximise broadcast PR coverage

Need help securing broadcast PR coverage? Our media relations tips will help you think like a journo and maximise exposure for your next story.

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broadcast PR campaign
The worst broadcast PR disasters (and how to avoid them)

Making a mistake on-air can be embarrassing – and costly – but there are simple tricks for avoiding some of the most notable broadcast PR disasters.

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B-roll – how can you justify the spend if you can’t guarantee the results

No one likes watching a talking head for a whole video – find out how why B-roll is so valuable and how you can justify the PR spend.

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broadcast PR campaign
Radio, TV or online: Which one is right for your broadcast PR campaign?
You need coverage for your broadcast PR campaign, but which medium is best? We look at radio, TV and online and the campaigns they’re best suited for.
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How to: Use celebrities and third party spokespeople

A great way to secure coverage for your story or brand on broadcast media can be to use a third-party spokesperson or celebrity to promote it.


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Channel 4’s Katie Razzall gives PRs top tips

Getting coverage on Channel 4 News can be tricky, as they operate differently to other news services – they’re not afraid to be gritty, to be different and to tackle issues other stations might shy away from.

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Video camera outside
How to: Produce the best corporate video

You might not feel inspired by the word corporate, but video is an increasingly popular way of communicating corporate messaging.

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How to: Have a successful BBC interview

Shout! was given these tips by a BBC regional radio presenter – and they’re very much along the lines of what we would tell our clients.

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How to: Get almost guaranteed coverage on television

Shout! have produced hundreds of B-rolls and every client that has followed our two golden rules has seen their B-roll used on UK television.

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