Online Video Production

Create exciting online video that journalists want to use. Our production services help maximise coverage for your brand, giving longevity to PR campaigns.

A well-produced online video will deliver brand messaging but also provide a news hook so journalists want to run your story. Many of our team have a broadcast news background, so whether it’s a video news package covering an event, or the development of a treatment for an idea, we will be able to advise how successful your online video campaign is likely to be.

Great visuals are key and should include moving pictures that enhance and encapsulate your story. Spokesperson interviews should be pithy to give meaningful sound bites. High production styles, perhaps using a track and dolly, or a specialist lens, will result in a video that engages your target audience.

“Our videos help you maximise coverage for your brand or clients, giving longevity to PR campaigns you don’t get with other medias.”


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