We’re a media relations agency that secures high quality, editorial broadcast coverage for clients on television, radio and online. The interviews we arrange promote your brand to a targeted audience, in line with your key messages, in an effective and positive manner.

Our broadcast PR services include everything a brand needs to get on-air and on digital channels. From media training your spokespeople and creating editorial content, to distributing and placing that content on traditional broadcast channels, mobile and social media. We can support you every step of the way.

Thanks to their experience as broadcast journalists, our media relations consultants know exactly what works best for radio, television and digital outlets. They understand all the ingredients you need to make a story fly and their contacts, in the UK’s national newsrooms, internationally and at regional level, are second to none.

Editorial services are complemented by technical support, including broadcast quality video and podcast production. We work on a project and a retained basis, the latter based on us hijacking the news agenda. Either way, you will be offered a bespoke service with a named account manager and director.

Clients tell us they like our honest approach and “can-do” attitude. Come to us at the start of your campaign and we will give you our free consultancy; we will brainstorm ideas, come up with the best headlines, suggest third party spokespeople, advise on timings and guide you through the process as much as you need.


Media relations is the link between journalists and a brand.  Really it’s about agreeing

a bit of a deal.   The journalists accept PR generated content provided by PR professionals which they use editorially.    As a result of this the brand enjoys media coverage free of charge.

Some news is organic – covering events that just happen as part of everyday life.   But a lot of stories are created.   This trend has increased as newsrooms have seen resources cut back.

Media relations is  editorial, as opposed to advertorial, where you pay a fee for a commercial.


As a specialist broadcast PR agency we focus on securing coverage on radio and television.   We also include some online as radio and TV stations put increasing focus on their own websites.  It depends on the story, but PR generated stories are more likely to end up on news programmes than feature or music based ones.

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“Shout! Communications has supported James Reed with our annual Asphalt Alliance ALARM Campaign for several years. This year the coverage they delivered was outstanding,  with more than 60 radio and 10 TV interviews. Working with Shout! is a collaboration and their team fit in seamlessly with ours. They give great consultancy advice, their video production […]

James Reed PR


Radio PR & Radio Days

We specialise in broadcast media relations. In particular we secure high profile, quality, on-air interviews on national, regional and international stations.


TV PR Agency

As former television journalists, we understand what is required to turn a campaign into a picture rich story, of interest to the biggest TV channels.


PR Survey Research

Good research is the backbone of many PR campaigns. Crucially, our surveys result in stories that broadcast journalists want to use.

Spokesperson Sourcing

Having the right third party spokesperson takes the commercial sting out of a story and always results in more coverage, on radio and TV.

We’re a specialist broadcast media relations agency. Securing high profile, quality, on-air interviews on regional, national and international channels, is at the heart of what we do.

Our strategy is to make life easy for the radio, television and digital journalists we’re selling-in to. The media relations consultants have all worked in broadcast in a previous life, so we think, write and speak like the journalists we once were.

Understanding the sorts of stories, angles and spokespeople that appeal to broadcasters is the foundation for all our campaigns, enabling us to deliver your editorial content to the target audience you want to reach.

We believe that happiness for clients lies in understanding what they want from the very start of a campaign. We ask you choose which two of five elements are most important to you:

  • The number of interviews secured
  • The quality of the station
  • The number of brand mentions
  • The number of key messages communicated
  • The audience reach

We’ll also want to know what your top 3 key messages are and whether you have a wish list for where you’d most like your spokesperson to appear.

This information helps us craft a story that will best get you there. Often, we will write several versions of a story, each one aimed at a different broadcaster and in their own particular style.

Get in touch today to find out more about our broadcast media relations services and take the first step to securing high quality TV, radio and online coverage.

Take the first step in securing high quality media coverage


First, we want to find out what exactly you want to achieve from your PR campaign.  We ask:

  • Who do you want to reach
  • What do you want to say to them
  • Is there a call to action
  • What’s more important to you – audience reach, specific stations, brand awareness, communication of key messages

Having established your goals, it’s then down to logistics:

  • When do you want your campaign to run? Avoid a Monday if possible, as this is competitive and only skeleton teams tend to work in broadcast newsrooms over the weekend – meaning it’s more difficult to confirm that a story will run.  Softer stories meanwhile lend themselves more towards the end of the week.    Got an awareness week coming up?   If it starts on a Monday consider holding your campaign activity the Friday before.
  • Who is your spokesperson? Just having a company spokesperson can be a disadvantage as it makes your story more commercial.   Having a relevant third party spokesperson to sit alongside them is better.   If you want television however they might be required to travel; broadcasters are inviting guests back into their studios, so remember BBC Breakfast is now in Manchester and Channel 4 in Leeds.
  • What’s the top line for your story? The majority of broadcast PR stories are aired in news programmes.  So you need a short, succinct first sentence that can compete with other news stories.   Broadcasters also like a peg – a reason for running a story on a particular day.  That could be the day of a launch, or the publication of some research – it’s up to you when.


Q Who needs a broadcast media relations agency?

Unless you’re positively trying to avoid the limelight because you’re drowning in bad news, then any brand, organisation or person who would like to reach out to a mass audience.   Radio and television is excellent for increasing brand awareness, but more in-depth (live) interviews can also help when it comes to communicating crucial key messaging to stakeholders.

Your business may already employ a PR agency, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able to offer the broadcast PR expertise we do.   For that reason, we often work for or in conjunction with a general PR agency.

Q. Is broadcast media relations expensive?

Not in comparison to buying an advert to air on radio or television!  If you want to reach a mass audience then a radio day and/or television campaign can be a very cost effective way or finding them.

It’s hard to put a precise price on a broadcast campaign, that’s because every story is different.   The average spend for our clients is around £4-£5k, an amount which could include a radio day with a limitless number of opportunities, and perhaps one TV interview.    We have other services with an entry level of £2, 000 but we also offer a full range of services – including video and audio production, corporate and social media videos, media training, specialist filming services and Outside Broadcasts.   Best just to call us and chat through.   We are always transparent but because our broadcast PR services are bespoke our prices are adapted too.

We work on both a project and a retained basis.   We also offer special packages if you commit to so many projects per year.    We’re not the cheapest on the market but we do offer value for money.

Q Why use Shout! Communications for broadcast PR

All our team have a broadcast background.  Between us we have reported, produced, presented and edited for radio and television programmes.  That has made us experts in our field.   We know what radio and TV journalists look for in a story and can help you offer all the ingredients that are needed to get a campaign on air.   Our contact book is second to none.

Our projects and retainers either offer guaranteed coverage or we charge on a pay on results basis.  That takes any risk away from you.   You’ll always know what you’re going to pay and what you’re going to receive in return.